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Live shows versus television shows

It has never been easier to just sit at home, in front of your computer or in front of your TV and just watch a comedy show, a theatric performance or whatever you feel like watching. However, that takes the social component out of the ordeal, especially now when trends show that both men and women tend to live alone for longer periods of time than at any point in history. Even some couples opt to live apart rather than in the same home.

So, what are good points of watching shows from home? First of all is convenience, you can remember an interesting show or a movie you’d like to see in the middle of the night, and you’ll still be able to get your hands on it. Buying shows online and getting digital download rights has never been easier, and let’s not even begin the piracy theme – all of the cinematic history is just a few clicks away. There’s another aspect of convenience when it comes to watching shows at home – you don’t have to get dressed. You can see everything you’re interested in from the comfort of your home, just lay back and relax. Women don’t have to spend half an hour – hour on prettying themselves up, and, from personal experience, males often don’t even bother putting on some pants for the show. Price plays another major role – going to the cinema or to a local bar bears a lot of expenses – if you want snacks, you’ll pay some extreme prices to get them, you’re not allowed to bring your own drinks, if you’re at a bar waiting for a live show, you’ll be expected to order something… it adds up, and it’s by no means a small sum of money.

What do the live shows bring to the table that television shows don’t? Social aspect is the most important one, and not just being in presence of friends who came alone with you to the show. There are opportunities to meet new people in person, to see someone you like, and you get the chance to experience the show in person. Something may be a bit different than what you could see at home, and you’ll have someone you shared the experience with, to talk about what you think happened, to discuss the jokes you heards – you miss out on all of these things if you just stay at home. Let’s not forget the physical exercise, you’re more likely to dance watching a music show live, at a local club, than just idly browsing youtube videos you like. Going to and coming from the show stage is also a physical exercise – not a big one, but it adds up, especially now when we’re all becoming very lazy.

Televised shows have taken over the world, but you should not forget to go out and watch a live show, it’s good for you.

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